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Greenbushes WA
Location, location, location…Come and visit Greenbushes situated just off the Harvest Highway in one of the most beautiful areas in the south west and enjoy the scenery and the welcoming charm of this small country town.

Greenbushes is a historic picturesque town situated on the highest point of the Southern Darling Scarp. It is surrounded by rolling hills, beautiful valleys and the Blackwood River winds around the surrounding countryside. It is situated in South West of WA in the Blackwood River Valley between the country towns of Balingup and Bridgetown.
Greenbushes history dates back to the 1800’s and there are many historic buildings that form part of the attractions of the town. Its history relates predominately to mining and timber and many of the attractions such as the Award Winning Discovery Centre and the Greenbushes Pool Boardwalk relate to this history. The newly created Water Bird Environment Conservation Area was originally a mining excavation that has been converted to a breeding area for endangered birds. Parks in Greenbushes include Heritage Park with examples of historic mining equipment and Thompson Park has newly installed play equipment for children. The community garden relates to conservation with its’ native bee hotel and frog pond designed to encourage native fauna. There are walks of discovery from easy to more challenging plus a walk that joins the Bibbulum Track. There is also a heritage tourist drive from Greenbushes to Bridgetown that follows the Blackwood River. Within the town there are two hotels and a café that offer meals, a curio/antique outlet, a roadhouse, post office, community resource centre, restored historic buildings, accommodation in the town and nearby, a free camping area and for the golf enthusiasts a Golf Course in North Greenbushes.


History of Greenbushes

The first inhabitants were the Nyungar people whose community was on the Blackwood River. As well as the indigenous community there were people travelling from Bunbury to settlements further south who stopped at a local well for water. The location of the well was distinguished by the Callistachys lanceolata bush which is bright green in colouring. Thus the name Greenbushes!
In the 1880’s the gold rush started and prospectors started what was called scratching in and around Greenbushes. Instead of finding gold tin was found and in 1888 a tin mining lease was issued. Within one year the lease was very profitable and as mining grew so did Greenbushes. In 1892 there were 200 mining leases, 8 business licenses, and 6476 letters, 516 telegrams and 77 money orders sent from the post office. In 1894 the first timber mill was established and in 1898 the first freehold settlers. As the mining and timber industries expanded so did the population. By 1907 the population was 3000 and Greenbushes was established as a mining and timber town. Today many of the attractions of Greenbushes reflect this history.

There are many things to see and do in Greenbushes so do come and visit us, explore our wonderful past and how we have used this history to build a future that welcome guests to our regional town of Greenbushes.