More and more people are discovering what fresh fruit and vegetables are supposed to taste like, by growing their own. Discovering that what the supermarkets pass of as fresh food, in many cases is anything but having travelled all around the world as part of an unsustainable global free trade . By growing your own you'll discover the true taste of fresh produce and your family will receive the health benefits of truly fresh produce and will also know what, if any , chemical have been used. You will probably still have to buy additional foods but will come to understand the benefits of buying from Farmers Markets and specialist suppliers as well as appreciate the work of the farmers who grow your foods. If this sounds interesting, you'll enjoy the video clip by Pam Warhurst: How We Can Eat Our Landscapes. The new interest by you and your family in gardening is a great way to reconnect with nature, and possibly address Nature Deficit Disorder . Follow the links below for information that will help you to grow your own and to sources of supply of the things that you will need to help you along the way, as well as meet like minded people.

Town Group or Business
Bunbury Bunbury Urban Growers
Bridgetown Ashbil Community Garden Postcard from the Bridgetown Community Gardens email:

Busselton Community Garden listen on line
Sir Digsalot My philosophy is that gardens should be a place of beauty, production and reflection, the whole garden and each element within it representing the personality and lifestyle of its owners. Whether you are starting from scratch, overgrown with good intentions, domestic, rural or commercial, I will help you identify and create a solution.
Greenbushes Greenbushes Community Garden
Kalamunda Kalamunda Community Garden
Margaret River

Fair Harvest Permaculture Venue
The Margaret River Organic Garden
Organic Food Trail Find out what we grow, how we grow it and why we grow it.
Our gardens are an interesting mix of Biodynamic, Organic and Permaculture styles that will indulge your senses and hopefully inspire you to experiment at home.

Diggers Club We have Australia's largest range of heirloom vegetables, cottage flowers and fruit plants that can be delivered direct to your door.
Eden Seeds OUR AIM is to distribute old traditional open pollinated varieties of vegetable seed, preferably old Australian varieties and organically or bio-dynamically grown where possible.
The Pea Straw Man Our straw comes from a farm near Kukerin (about 300kms south east of Perth). Pea straw is the product left over when the pea crop has been harvested; after harvest the straw is raked and baled and stored ready for market. Many farmers grow peas as a rotational crop as peas are a nitrogen fixing plant and are useful for soil improvement - which is very important in our fragile environment!