There is a growing number of farmers and others setting up local dairy related businesses in WA to survive against the retain duopoly , some are open to the public and others supply to retailers. Look for their products for the best  WA has to offer.

Town Dairy Business
Albany Ringwould Dairy
Over the Moon Organics Fresh Organic Hand-made Cheese
Capel The Old Cheddar Cheese Company  click to play Sample our cheeses and enjoy a meal in our Cafe
Harvey Harvey Cheese
Nannup Cambray Sheep Cheese  click to play
Northcliffe Bannister Downs Farm
Maragret River

Millers Ice Cream, click to play From Cow to Cone! 9755 9850
Koonac Goat Farm, We farm meat goats (Boer goats) which are particularily suitable for small landholders in the Southwest of Western Australia.
Geo Bath Milk, Our unpasteurised bath milk comes straight from the cow, filtered and bottled without any processing. Therefore the milk has not had any heat treatment and is "RAW". Due to this we can only sell this product as cosmetic product, bath milk.
Two Fat Cows , Producers of gourmet, artisan ice cream made in the Margaret River region of Western Australia
  Margaret River Organic Creameries
Mundijong Mundella Foods

The major political parties in Australia have blindly led us down a path of Global Free Trade that has resulted in the sale of most of our dairy processors to foreign interests . These companies exist solely for the interest of their share holders, not for the interest of Australian farmers or consumers. By supporting the companies listed above you are supporting Australian businesses and contributing to Australia's food security at a time when the Australian Government seems to have abdicated its responsibility in this area. The folly of dairy deregulation .